In North Ward CRAG supports Group A

  1. Danica Sajn
  2. John Vella
  3. Richard Steel

Danica Sajn, a true local, who grew up in North Ward is a science teacher and a small business owner who believes that the undemocratic bloc voting and big party control that has been a feature of Camden Council since 2012 must go and that elected Councillors should

  • perform their duties openly and in a grassroots democratic fashion;
  • be accountable to the electorate;
  • give all voters the opportunity to be engaged, participate and contribute to the best community outcomes possible.

John Vella is an integral member of the Camden Council Community. His attention and dedication toward the community has resonated from having grown up, lived and worked in Leppington his entire life. John is a strong believer of developing the education of our youth and providing the training required to establish and develop their careers within the local community. This includes keeping up to date with technology improvements and sourcing new ways to operate using renewable energy sources. It is imperative to develop a good work ethic and balance it out with healthy lifestyle, whether it be sport or any other hobby. John is kept busy with his 5 children and enjoys getting involved in their sport and school commitments.

John is a part owner and director of Leppington Speedy Seedlings & Supplies Pty Ltd – a family owned and operated business in Leppington, dating back to the late 1970’s. The company has acquired a very strong reputation for the reliable supply of consistently high quality seedlings Australia wide, servicing growers in NSW, VIC, SA, SE Queensland and Tasmania. The business and the Vella family have continually supported the local schools, hospitals and other communities by providing seedlings to promote the education around healthy eating.

Say NO to the big party voting bloc in Council.

Group A  believes

  • Local Roads and Local Lives Matter
  • Keeping  Renbury Open
  • Rates freeze for efficiency review
  • Community partnerships
  • Local job creation