Statement of Objectives

1. To conserve the heritage of the Camden Town
To ensure that any planning retains, maintains, enhances the heritage, surrounding rural lands,
floodplain and open space

 2. To protect the amenity of the heritage and environment of the Camden Municipality

a) To maintain the unique and historical character of Camden,
b) To preserve all features of Camden having beauty, architectural and historical value,
c) To ensure that any planning of Camden should pay full regard to protecting and
improving the amenities and open space enjoyed by residents,
d) To promote, and ensure the protection of, safe intimate spaces and connecting walkways
integrated within public domains
e) To ensure an adequate balance between open space (including recreational area) and future
building or industrial areas.
f) To strive to ensure that the residential areas of Camden are peaceful, quiet, unpolluted, and
g) To ensure the maintenance and improvement of living and environmental standards within the
Municipality of Camden.
h) To co-operate, when appropriate, with any other groups concerned with environment and the
amenity of Camden
i) To protect the scenic hills
j) To monitor the Significant Tree Register

  3. To represent a community voice in promoting transparent and effective community engagement in
     government decision making

a) To promote a more general awareness of developments within the Municipality which
will affect or are likely to affect the quality of life in Camden,
b) To ensure that the views of the Group and its members are adequately represented to appropriate
c) To make representations, when deemed necessary, to appropriate authorities on matters
generally or specifically affecting the amenity of Camden,
d) To provide a forum for residents and ratepayers,
e) To confer, when appropriate to further the above aims, with other groups about
transparent and effective community engagement

 4. To monitor and evaluate development proposals

 5. To encourage, support, or endorse, as it appears to be in the interests of the Group, any
    person or persons for public elective office.