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Specific Issues in Central Ward:

Traffic: specific and proactive Council actions are needed such as traffic engineering and fast tracking other links like Bagdally Road and Liz Kernohan Drive to address

  • Narellan Road congestion
  • Waterworth Drive safety. This road is now being used as a link road onto Narellan Road by Spring Farm residents to save time. However this road is not designed as a link road which makes it more dangerous especially during school zone times.

Bike tracks:  Fragmentation of the bike tracks is a major issue and one which Peter McLean is well across. If it was safer to cycle in Camden people would be healthier and reliance on the car reduced.

Trees: The current Council has an inconsistent tree policy with poor planning and bad management which wastes our money.  Inappropriate trees are planted which grow too big and rip up paths and driveways. Council could have avoided the problem by better tree choices and planning.

Dog parks: Pet ownership in Central ward is very high but Camden Council only has 4 dog parks, none of which are Central ward

  1. Peter McLean

Peter McLean recently joined the Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) as their Executive officer, he grew up on a rural property on the banks of the Hawkesbury Nepean River and currently lives near Camden in far south Western Sydney, he has a background in State and Local Government as well as the not-for-profit industry. Local government experience includes working at Warringah Council and State government experience includes working for National Parks and Wildlife Service before moving over to Keep Australia Beautiful where he spent 11 years.

Peter arrived at Keep Australia Beautiful NSW in 2004 and managed litter reduction campaigns and various community development programs like Tidy Towns before becoming CEO in 2007. In Peter’s time at Keep Australia Beautiful, he successfully strengthened the organisations public profile, community achievements and financial sustainability.

Peter holds a degree in Environmental Management, a Masters in Business Administration sub-majoring in Business Law and Public Relations and Certificates in Bush Regeneration and Business Governance. Peter also enjoys volunteering as an Australia Day Ambassador each year and is the President of the Macarthur Cycling Club.

From his strong understanding and knowledge in local government, Peter regularly advises and assists various local councils on a variety of issues including social, environmental practices and financial management.

Peter is passionate about supporting an effective nutrient cycle and ensuring that our soils thrive.  Healthy soils mean healthy people, environments and economies.

Peter’s Contact: Mobile: 0416227158; email

2. George Lopa

3. Linda McLean