Camden is unique because of its physical features, landscape setting, its cohesive community and its long and important history in the foundation of NSW and Australia. Residents and visitors identify and connect with its special character. Camden Township in particular is unique and covers a very small area. If you believe that it must inevitably become urbanised at this point in its 180 year history, please read the Camden Heritage Study. You may change your mind.

Camden Residents’ Action Group (CRAG) Inc believes in housing and is not against development as long as it is sensitive to its location. It is against inappropriate development that erodes or is inconsistent with Camden’s character and environmental amenity.

In summary CRAG’s objectives are:

To conserve the heritage of the Camden Town;

To protect the amenity of the heritage and environment of the Camden Municipality and beyond;

To represent a community voice in government decision making;

To monitor and evaluate development proposals;

To encourage, support, or endorse CRAG candidates for public elective office.

Council election 10 September 2016. CRAG is supporting true independents who represent the community. CRAG does not support the current faction,  a feature of Camden Council since the 2012 election. The members of this faction vote in a bloc along party lines and have refused to listen to and represent the people *

This voting bloc has resulted in a silencing of the community voice and some highly questionable decisions. 

BEWARE:   Not all candidates who call themselves “independent” are independent.

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*For  a review of how Camden Council has inter-acted with its community, especially in relation to the town centre works in historic Camden see

Camden Council Election 10 Sept 2016 and Chronicle of Council’s faction 2012 to 2016.

For more detailed information on bloc voting in Camden see

Blog (2015) The Bloc. How voting changed under this new council http://camdencommunitynsw.weebly.com/blog/how-voting-changed-under-this-new-council

Willis Ian (2016) Force or farce Community consultation in local government https://www.academia.edu/26423228/Force_or_farce_Community_consultation_in_local_government

CRAG Camden Photography: Charles Cowell (copyright)