Camden Council Election 10 Sept 2016: STOP the BLOC

Stop the Bloc! 

CRAG supports true independent candidates. See Flyer: Vote to STOP the BLOC. Also See Know Your Candidate

On Saturday 10 September 9 Councillors will be elected, three in each of the  Central , North  and South Wards.

Your vote may save Camden’s heritage, as well as going towards restoring democracy and removing bloc voting and partisan politics from Camden Council (1).  The significance of the old town of Camden, founded in 1836, is not understood by the existing party-political voting bloc . Anyone with an understanding of Camden’s rich history and place in the story of Australia would not :

  • consider undoing its heritage protections, as Camden Council earmarked our money for at its Ordinary Meeting of 28 June 2016;
  • gone to press extolling the virtues of a development proposal that did not comply with its own planning instruments on height, heritage and flooding (2);
  • ignore its own consultants reports on traffic and parking (3);
  • consider building a decked car park in a heritage precinct, and certainly not one that is to be constructed to take additional decks in the future in contravention of the height limit;
  • ignore the community’s views and make decisions behind closed doors before any consultation (4);
  • produce a Vision (5) supposedly based on community consultation and paying lip service to heritage and community views  but also stating that heritage and height protections constrain economic activity. This Vision does not cite any evidence for its statements about needing to investigate heritage and height planning provisions and is indeed against the official submission (6) and publicly stated views of the Chamber of Commerce about the competitive advantages of retaining and enhancing the rural and historic character of Camden (7).


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