Want a community voice? Check out the candidates in the 2016 Council Election

Not all candidates are what they claim. It is important,  if you believe that Councillors are elected to represent you and your  community,  to be aware that some candidates categorising themselves as “independent” have affiliations with the current party political voting bloc. Regardless of political persuasion blocs are bad news. They are undemocratic and result in a “council within a council” that can railroad decisions for personal ambitions, for developers or for other financial motives.  See the Chronicle of the undemocratic practices of the current Liberal left factional bloc, including a detailed evidence-based timeline of its term from 2012 to 2016,  at https://www.crag.org.au/chronicle-of-councils-faction-2012-to-2016/

Two security guards were installed at Council meetings from May 2015, at the community’s expense,  because the community dared to try to be heard at a council meeting at the end of April 2015, in which the bloc chose to ignore a community petition for a moratorium on the highly contentious Camden heritage conservation area works to  allow the community to be properly consulted.

For analysis of the determination of this is voting bloc to stifle the community voice see “Your only chance to ask a Liberal a question – we have suggestions” at http://camdencommunitynsw.weebly.com/ Be sure to read the Questions you might like to ask our Liberal Party councillors.

With the power of the current bloc, the community has no way of knowing  the real reasons behind decisions and it has no input and no voice.

To stop the bloc think carefully about the candidates. Your vote is very important to Camden’s future. Candidate List follows.

                                                        CAMDEN COUNCIL Election 2016

                                                                CANDIDATES BY WARD

Name Group Party History
Copeland Gregory A Independent Votes with the current Mayoral bloc. Property Consultant. His views on conflict of interest are at http://www.wollondillyadvertiser.com.au/story/3312771/should-developers-real-esate-agents-be-banned-from-councils/

An analysis of his voting pattern, “Independent Copeland is a bit Liberal with his vote” is available here http://camdencommunitynsw.weebly.com/

Harvey David A Independent
Dooner Mark A Independent
Farrow Paul B Labor  Standing to counteract Liberal takeover of Camden Council
Quinnell Sally B Labor
Stait-Gardner Harry B Labor
Funnell David C Independent Stood in North Ward in 2012 as independent; preferenced Symkowiak and Sidgreaves who head the voting bloc. Liberal party affiliations.
O’Brien-Dority Mary C Independent
Cleaton Sarah C Independent
Sidgreaves Peter D Liberal Votes with the bloc. Stood in North Ward 2012
Dewbery Debby D Liberal Votes with the bloc. Liberal Party worker
Winton Ken D Liberal
Campbell Eva E Independent Long history of voting independently for the community
Hart Keith E Independent History on Council of voting for the community. Standing again to reinstate the community voice.
Turner Maryann E Independent
Lewocki Henry Independent  Standing to reinstate the community voice.
Metcalfe Scott A Independent Member of Liberal Party. Not a true independent.
Mills Robert A Independent
Cook Rebecca A Independent  Member of Liberal Party. Not a true independent.
Mclean Peter B Independent
Lopa George B Independent
Mclean Linda B Independent
Cagney Ashleigh C Labor  Standing to counteract Liberal takeover of Camden Council
Champion Aoife C Labor
Storkey Craig C Labor
Fedeli Therese D Liberal Votes with the Mayoral bloc
Ryan John D Liberal
Logoitumua Brooke D Liberal
Sajn Danica A Independent
Vella John A Independent
Steel Richard A Independent
Cagney Cindy B Labor History of voting independently for the community. Standing to counteract Liberal takeover of Camden Council.
Underwood Wendy B Labor
Gersbach Tom B Labor
Symkowiak Lara C Liberal Leader of the Liberal voting bloc. Stood as an independent in 2008. For examples of how the Mayoral leader of the bloc interacts with the residential community see  http://www.camdenadvertiser.com.au/story/3009678/works-in-camden-cbd-will-happen-despite-community-objections-mayor-lara-symkowiak/

and the business community see


Morrison Michael C Liberal
Law Tony C Liberal
Wright Don Independent  Standing to reinstate the community voice